Welcome to Aquilae!

Progress through training

You’re an autonomous paraglider pilot. You’re keen to make progress, but can’t find anything to interest you in the current range of courses on offer. You’re not learning much by playing the sheep on a cross-country course. And you’ve come back to the adage “learn to fly at school, become a competition pilot”, which leaves you wanting more. Understanding helps you learn. You have a simple desire to fly further and longer, convinced that you need to fly better before changing your equipment. It’s obvious to you that improving your flying skills is the best way to ensure your active safety.

Sharing performance

Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy – is a unique structure, a light, mobile skills center offering progression courses, individual coaching and group training. It is aimed at independent pilots with the will and means to progress. The academy is supported by accomplished champions and qualified instructors who share their experience and knowledge. It follows in the tradition of French know-how in free flight training, whether in paragliding or hang gliding.

Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy – will also be an online store for performance products, and will soon be organizing gatherings of pilots motivated to train and learn on an ongoing basis.