Academy of Progression in Paragliding

Training pilots beyond autonomy

Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy is aimed at the pool of autonomous pilots who are left to their own devices, but who have a strong desire to progress, and who have given themselves the means to achieve their full potential.

For them, there is no paragliding training beyond the blue level in the progression course, and no support beyond the brown level in the cross-country course. Pilots wishing to continue their progression find themselves without a supervised solution. At best, they can plunge into the unknown of the competition arena and hope to join league teams with few resources to coach and train them.

If they do make it to the top, there’s only room for a select few, whose numbers are dwindling and are only partially supported by the federation and the Ministry of Sports. The State is cutting back on aid and refocusing its resources on a smaller number of athletes with medal potential at world championships or the Olympic Games, delegating the management of access to the top level to the regions or the private sector.

In short, independent pilots seeking to continue their progress and acquire new skills are being abandoned, with all the risks and frustration this entails.

Individual mentoring or group coaching

Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy offers several types of coaching.

  • Individual Mentoring, first of all, to support you in carrying out your end-of-season assessments, setting objectives for the coming season, but also on-demand according to your spontaneous requests.
  • Group Coaching, to coach preformed groups, either in the preparation and training phase, or during a competition to be with you at the heart of the event.