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Preparation for the DEJEPS Selection Tests

Becoming a paragliding instructor isn’t easy. Nine years have already passed since the Brevet d’Etat, the famous BE, was transformed into the BPJEPS and DEJEPS. The BPJEPS was abandoned last year. The DEJEPS is now THE professional paragliding diploma, opening the way to the profession of instructor. The DESJEPS is the new BE2 and prepares the next technical managers of our federation. The DEJEPS is a vocational training course leading to a diploma in a sandwich course. Content and certification are constantly evolving, as are equipment and practices, just like the profession of instructor.

An experienced instructor is worth two aspirants

The number of candidates taking the selection test increases every year. The profession is becoming increasingly popular. Candidates’ profiles represent a wide variety of backgrounds, identities, perspectives and projects. There is often a gap between the requirements of training or the realities of the profession and the expectations of applicants.

It was with this in mind that Boris Ribreux and Maxime Bellemin decided to combine their complementary skills to offer individualized preparation for the DEJEPS selection test. Both have, of course, already obtained this diploma. They are currently studying for the DESJEPS. Boris is also a PE teacher, while Maxime has built up a career as a top-level sportsman and coach.

Arrive ready for selection tests

Starting this winter, Maxime and Boris will be taking on volunteer candidates. They will carry out group and individual assessments of their level on the various selection tests. This will also be an opportunity to review the requirements of the DEJEPS training program and the profession of free flight instructor. Each candidate will be given a personal progress booklet, and will benefit from personalized support right up to the day of the test.

In February, it’s time to plan the competition season and prepare for the training entrance exams. Then comes the time for help in finding host structures, writing reports, and support for special needs. Finally, candidates will be coached until August, to help them prepare for the selection test in September.

If you’d like to enroll in the DEJEPS program, get in touch now!

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