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X1X Team Coaching

The season is in full swing. It’s time to introduce you to the X1X team, its project and its members. At the origin of the project is Vincent. With his experience of the mountains and motor sports, he decided to support a small group of promising paragliding pilots. The project quickly gained momentum and he took on the role of team manager, then put together a team of 3 talented and motivated athletes. X1X sets itself apart from all the other structures in the free-flight industry by federating a complete network of specialists in all aspects of performance: psychology, dietetics, physical preparation, recovery and communication.

Thibault, Quentin and Jean are the X1X pilots. They live paragliding to the full and enjoy all its flavors without moderation: distance, speed (Belgian Paragliding Open, World Cups), hike & fly (Bornes to Fly, X-Pyr), bivouac flying, adventure. They develop their personal grooves while creating a team spirit and coordinating each other for training or travel.

Paragliding isn’t just a sport. For passionate and committed pilots like themselves, they decide to live the experience to the full. X1X is also a reflection on the career paths of its members, on the right way to integrate paragliding into their lives, to share this passion and build a future for themselves.

Since the end of the 2021 season, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy has been helping the team and each of its members to take stock of their situation, identify themes to work on and build a training and competition schedule. Their main sponsor recently renewed his support for X1X with words of praise for us, so thank you to them!

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