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Trans’Plaine Meet Director

For the second year running, and the second edition of this competition, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy acted as Meet Director for the Trans’Plaine. The concept of the Trans’Plaine, dreamed up and realized by Laurent Laval, is an itinerant paragliding competition on the plains, to fly where it flies, as a team.

(c) Roland Wacogne

Aquilae‘s role was to lead the pilot’s committee, not always unanimous but always very collegial. I was the guiding light on the sporting front, ensuring continuity and harmony between the 6 different task directors. I was responsible for choosing the sites, analyzing the weather, contacting the airfields to check their activity or obtain clearances, conducting the briefings, checking the tracks and, last but not least, producing the rankings!

(c) Roland Wacogne

The conditions allowed us to do some circuit flying, including numerous FAI triangles, which is rare on the flats and even rarer in competition. Within each team, as well as between all the teams, friendliness and conviviality prevailed. All in all, a very fine week, and some very fine flying for all, with no accidents!

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