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Hang-Gliding French National Team Leader

Not all missions are alike.

At the beginning of the year, the FFVL – Fédération Française de Vol Libre – contacted me. “Hello Maxime, you’ve passed the DESJEPS diploma, which enables you to carry out missions in free flight development and sports performance training. At the DTN, we see that you’re proposing more and more original and appreciated teaching content, and that several teams are calling on you for coaching. To get straight to the point, would you be interested in preparing the French HG Team for the next World Championships, and being the team leader for the national team on site in August in Northern Macedonia?”

In short, to become the French National Team Leader for HG!

I took off headlong. It took me some time to assess the starting situation. Perhaps I didn’t complete it until yesterday, at the end of the world championships. With a dozen visios, training weekends and a selection committee, we prepared as a team for 15 days of competition. We’ve come back from this competition united, certain of our potential and keen to develop it.

Sometimes, in sport as in business, rankings are the wrong thermometer of success. Now is the time for a shared vision of the future, and for recommendations!