Competition Week Coaching

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You’ve already completed a season of cross-country paragliding competition and want to take it to the next level by taking part in a week-long event. You’d like to be accompanied during this new experience to make the most of it.

The Competition Week Coaching is a week-long paragliding course designed to be by your side, coaching you through your next big race.

You put together a group of pilots to have a good time together and share the costs (39 Euros per day per pilot), select the competition and destination of your choice, and all that’s left to do is contact us to select your coach and set up the details of on-site support.




Coaching takes place over a week of 7 competition days and 1 registration day, with a group of up to 8 pilots supervised by a qualified coach.

Pilot Profile

You’ve completed a season of distance competition, participated in around twenty tasks at Sport or Elite level, mainly at weekends.

You have your confirmed pilot’s license. You have the homologated and maintained equipment you want to use in competition: wing, harness, instruments, reserve, helmet.


    • Registration and participation in an official competition
    • Discovery on the first day
      • Equipment check
      • Individual and group briefing
      • Individual registration with the organizers
      • Training and reconnaissance flights
    • Use of the organization’s logistics during the competition
    • Execution of competition tasks
      • Group briefing after the official organization briefing
      • Group debriefing after each round of the competition
    • Individual and group debriefing on the last day of the competition
    • Inscription et participation à une compétition officielle


  • Prepare the event in advance
  • Define individual pilot profiles
  • Maintain group dynamics
  • Answer individual questions


  • Individual assessment before the competition
  • Setting of individual objectives at the start of the competition
  • General briefing at the beginning of the competition
    • Presentation of the flying site
    • Study of the competition field
    • Reminder of rules
    • Safety instructions
  • Group briefing after task briefing
    • Weather and safety information
    • Analysis of the task, evaluation of options, identification of key points
    • Individual and group instructions
  • Group debriefing in the evening, using tracks analysis and experience sharing
  • Individual and group feedback at the end of the competition


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