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Long Live Group Action!

The season is now well under way. Here are a few recent interventions by Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy with groups of pilots. Not the least of which are X1X in Belgium, CNF in France and Team USA for the World Cross-Country Paragliding Championships!

X1X Academy

For several years now, the X1X team has been made up of 3 permanent pilots. Under the impetus of these pilots and encouraged by their team leader Vincent, the X1X team created an academy last winter to train elite pilots in Belgium. Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy took part in the difficult selection process to choose 3 young pilots full of promise and desire from the dozen or so applications received.

A fine multidisciplinary team is now in place. The whole team took stock at the end of the season, then projected its objectives for the upcoming events. Among these, the Belgian Paragliding Open 2023 figures prominently. It will take place in Northern Macedonia, in Krushevo, in July, and Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy will be on hand with the mission of bringing each athlete to his or her peak performance!

Coaching of CNF at Freedom Open

Since this year, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy has been the coach of the FFVL’s Collectif National Féminin. The aim is twofold: to develop women’s flying and to support pilots as they progress in competition. The group of 14 motivated and supportive pilots coordinate their outings, share resources and exchange expertise in a friendly atmosphere.

After the Belgian Open and German Open in previous years, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy stepped in to coach a new group of 8 pilots at the Freedom Open 2023. We spent a wonderful week in Italy, in Gemona del Friuli, and were very well received by the local organizers, who did everything to make our task easier.

The weather conditions, and also the weather forecast, did their utmost to complicate our lives. Nonetheless, with 3 rounds under our belts, the trip was beneficial for everyone, depending on their personal objectives: building volume, regaining confidence, starting the season, discovering the “plain”, completing rounds, flying in good company, getting a feel for the high level, playing with the gas pedal and, above all, having fun in the air and on the ground!

Team USA for 2023 PG Worlds

The 2023 FAI Paragliding World Championship happens in France, in Cœur de Savoie, the valley connecting Chambéry to Albertville. In order to get ready for this major event in the sport, Team USA organized with Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy a preparation programme.

It first consisted of a 3 hours long online session to know the basics about the region, the possible flights, the potential weather, the suitable techniques and tactics. Then, just before the competition event opened, we spent 3 days to discover the actual scene for the competition and fly from several sites that could be used as take-offs for the upcoming tasks.

My best wishes fly to Violeta, Galen, Andy and Evan, and a special thought for Josh, not forgetting Pam. Thanks all for the trust you placed in Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy.

Group Coaching

If you are interested in Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy as a partner in your development, please contact us!