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Winter Reviews and Looking Ahead to the New Season

This winter of 2022/2023 is marked by the consequences of climate change. However, winter remains the transition season for paragliding in the northern hemisphere. Here are a few of Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy‘s recent achievements with an ever-growing number of pilots in need of support.

CNF Training

The Collectif National Féminin is a structure created by the FFVL Women’s Commission. Its aim is to provide women pilots with the support they need to progress in XC competition, with a view to generating a positive image of women pilots and encouraging them to enter the sport.

After several years of implementation by Jean-François Chapuis, Chloé Demailly took over the coordination of the CNF in partnership with Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy for sports management. We began by drawing up a charter and defining a project for the future.

With the pilots’ support for this project, we were able to launch the annual mentoring program with the coach of their choice: analysis of the past season, definition of objectives for the coming season, and finally programming of events.

Annual Mentoring of AURA League Team

At the request of Eric Pusiol, head of competition for the AURA league (and even more recently, the new national head of competition for the FFVL), Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy held a conference last winter on the right way to choose objectives.

For the new season, Eric has set up a league team for adult pilots in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, who until now have been surprisingly overlooked by all existing structures. Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy helped the 12 pilots to draw up their season’s balance sheet and look forward to the coming season with ambition.

Preparation for the DEJEPS Vol Libre 2023 Selection Tests

In January, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy launched its support program leading up to the selection tests in September. Drawing on the experience of previous years and the COVID period, this program combines videoconference sessions with weekend reunions.

With Sébastien Blesses from the Carpe Diem school in Doussard, we’ll be giving our best advice to the 5 aspiring instructors for the 2023 edition, to prepare them as well as possible and give them the best chances of success.

If you’re interested in Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy to help you progress, please get in touch!