Competition Training Week

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You’ve taken part in your first competitions and you’re having trouble understanding the factors that are holding you back and preventing you from realizing your potential. You want to better understand the determinants of performance and give yourself the means to progress.

The Competition Training Week is a five-day paragliding course designed to give you the keys to realizing your potential and enjoying competition.

You put together a group of 6 pilots to have a good time together and share the costs (from 83 to 125 Euros per day and per pilot), you select the destination of your choice, and all that’s left to do is contact us to set the dates and work out the details of on-site support.

The camp can be organized in the main mountain ranges: Vosges, Jura, Northern Alps, Southern Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central. The camp can be organized at a future competition venue, preferably the week before the competition you’re interested in, to discover the local keys. Don’t hesitate to use the contact form to send us your comments or suggestions!

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The camp takes place over 5 days with a group of 6 pilots supervised by a qualified instructor.

It can be held the week before a targeted competition, at nearby venues.

Pilot profile

You have already flown two hundred hours and regularly take part in Sport or Elite level events.

You have your confirmed pilot’s license. You have the homologated and maintained equipment you want to use in competition: wing, harness, instruments, reserve, helmet.

You bring a smartphone with messaging, mapping and track recording applications installed.


  • Mental attitude
  • Making the most of physical qualities
  • Active steering
  • Group management
  • Organization and stewardship
  • Simulated real-life situations
  • Feedback


  • Discovery on the first day
    • Equipment check
    • Evaluation flight
    • General briefing
  • Morning, or in the event of inclement weather, indoor session to discuss theoretical issues and debrief the previous day’s flight
  • Afternoon flight with a task simulation
    • Travel to competition sites
    • Flight briefing similar to a competition briefing


  • Setting individual objectives
  • Building volume
  • Building confidence
  • Sharing experiences
I'm interested, help me to join a preformed group!

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We have our own retrieve (van and driver), We do not have our own retrieve (van and driver)


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