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Your Training Path

I entered the DES JEPS training course at the beginning of 2019, the continuation of my DE JEPS in free flight monitoring. For my study project, I need your contribution as a pilot. The aim of this questionnaire is to gather data on the training path taken by pilots of all levels.

If you’re an active pilot, you’re in the ballpark. The questionnaire is quick and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. On average, there’s just one question per page. The more answers we get, the more interesting the analysis will be, so go ahead and pass the link around!

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

2 thoughts on “Your Training Path

  1. Je réponds à la louche, car je n’ai jamais noté tout cela, ni tenu de carnet de vol durant mes 6 premières années de parapente.

    1. Merci à toi Anne. Toutes les réponses me sont utiles!

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