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100% success for our aspiring instructors!

We’re very proud of Vincent and Rémi, our two aspiring instructors, who have just passed this year’s selection tests for entry to the DEJEPS free flight program with flying colors. The icing on the cake is that their ranking enables them to enter training at the center of their first choice.

Following a professional retraining path, they had chosen to be accompanied by Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy to prepare themselves as well as possible for the tests. During the 4 months they spent together, they met the pre-test requirements, built up a solid portfolio and perfected their knowledge and skills. Together, with a mental toughness and physical strength of steel, nothing could happen to them. At the end of the tests and before the results were published, their testimonies confirmed our approach: this training had been very beneficial to them and greatly multiplied their chances of success. The added value they found here was indisputable and indispensable.

We are also delighted with the test success of several pilots we met during the year: Chloé, Mehdi, Pauline, Valentin, not forgetting Méryl.

On the strength of this success, Aquilae – Performance Paragliding Academy will be offering this coaching service again early next year for the 2022 tests. We look forward to hearing from you!

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